Urgent Care
For Sick Pets

Alerting Symptoms:

As pet owners, you're intimately familiar with your furry companions' habits and behaviors. Any deviations, such as difficulty breathing, bleeding, unresponsiveness, seizures, or severe injuries, should raise immediate concern. It's important to note that cats and dogs often conceal signs of discomfort, a survival instinct inherited from their wild ancestors. Hence, changes in behavior or appetite may indicate underlying issues. Trust your intuition and seek professional assistance without delay.

Ensuring Safety First:

Pets under distress may not differentiate between their owners and strangers, potentially exhibiting aggression. Therefore, before rendering aid and transporting the animal, take the following precautions:

  • Record any concerning symptoms, such as limping or convulsions, to aid the veterinarian in diagnosis.
  • Secure cats snugly or, if feasible, apply a cone-collar. Dogs should be muzzled or have a barrier placed over their heads.
  • Refrain from approaching animals, particularly strangers, if their saliva is foamy. Contact veterinary specialists immediately in such instances.

Coordinated Response:

While initial first aid from a close bystander is crucial, it cannot replace professional veterinary care. Therefore, in dire situations involving cats or dogs, arranging their transport to a veterinary facility is imperative. Pet owners should bring along all relevant documents, including vaccination records. Additionally, be prepared to provide detailed information about concerning symptoms or potential causes of the animal's condition. Effective collaboration between the owner and the veterinarian ensures timely intervention and facilitates the pet's swift recovery.

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We are proud to hold the prestigious Fear Free Certificate certificate, a symbol of our commitment to delivering the highest level of veterinary care. This esteemed accreditation reflects our principles and attention to animals emotions and health, demonstrating our dedication to providing exceptional service and optimal health outcomes for your cherished pets.

We adhere to the rigorous treatment protocols established by the American Association of Feline Practitioners(AAFP). These protocols are designed to ensure that your cat receive the highest standard of care, guided by evidence-based practices and industry-leading guidelines.


What should be included in a pet first aid kit?

Essentials for a pet first aid kit include bandages, plasters, scissors, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, a digital thermometer, latex gloves, the animal's medical card, contact numbers for veterinarians and local animal hospitals, and a first-aid guide for quick reference during stressful situations.

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