Preventive Care

Our approach helps to avoid trouble in the future. Everything happens very simply
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Everything your pet needs is all in our care plans
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Comprehensive Physical Examinations

Regular physical examinations are the cornerstone of preventive care. Our experienced veterinary professionals conduct thorough nose-to-tail evaluations to assess your pet’s overall health. From checking vital signs to evaluating their eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and internal systems, we leave no stone unturned. These examinations allow us to detect any potential issues early on and address them before they develop into more serious conditions.


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Vaccinations play a crucial role in safeguarding your pet against infectious diseases. Our team will create a personalized vaccination plan based on your pet's species, age, lifestyle, and risk factors. By staying up-to-date with essential vaccinations, we can help protect your furry companion from potentially life-threatening illnesses.

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Parasite Prevention

Parasites can wreak havoc on your pet's health. Our preventive care services include comprehensive parasite prevention measures. We offer effective solutions to protect your pets from fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. Our team will guide you on the most appropriate preventive products and provide advice on maintaining a pest-free environment.

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Nutritional Counseling

A balanced diet is vital for your pet's well-being. Our knowledgeable staff will provide tailored nutritional counseling to ensure your pet receives the right nutrients in the correct proportions. We take into account their age, breed, size, and any specific dietary requirements. A healthy diet promotes optimal growth, weight management, and supports a strong immune system.

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Behavioral Wellness

Preventive care extends beyond physical health; we also focus on your pet's emotional well-being. Our veterinarians can address common behavioral concerns and offer guidance on managing and preventing behavioral issues. We believe that a healthy mind contributes to a happy and harmonious relationship between you and your pet.

Client Education
and Support

We value the importance of client education in promoting preventive care. Our team is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions about your pet's health. We provide educational resources, tips, and guidance to help you create a nurturing and safe environment for your furry companion.

Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans

Our plans include everything your pet will need regularly: Comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations, deworming, preventive X-rays, and eye pressure tests. Subscription plans – the best way to keep your pet healthy and also it is money saving.
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We are proud to hold the prestigious Fear Free Certificate certificate, a symbol of our commitment to delivering the highest level of veterinary care. This esteemed accreditation reflects our principles and attention to animals emotions and health, demonstrating our dedication to providing exceptional service and optimal health outcomes for your cherished pets.

We adhere to the rigorous treatment protocols established by the American Association of Feline Practitioners(AAFP). These protocols are designed to ensure that your cat receive the highest standard of care, guided by evidence-based practices and industry-leading guidelines.

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How often does my pet need to see the veterinarian?

We recommend bi-annual comprehensive exams for healthy adult pets. However, senior pets or pets with chronic conditions may need to be seen more often. Puppies and kittens require more frequent visits for their vaccine boosters and deworming. Regular check-ups allow us to monitor your pet’s health, detect any potential issues early on, and provide preventive care.

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